SHMountaineering offers various outdoor course pitched at all levels. Our aim is to ensure you leave more knowledgeable than you arrived!

The training is broken into sections to allow you to gradually become more comfortable and accomplished on the mountains. As such, our courses are primarily focused on developing your own ability before looking at group management.

Mountain Leaders Course

Mountain Skills

First you are required to have been signed off on your Mountain Skills Assessment before moving on to the Mountain Leader Award.

Mountain Skills is broken into several elements, that covers a general introduction of:

  • Hillwalking
  • Basic Mountain Navigation
  • Mountain Safety
  • Hazard Awareness
  • Personal Equipment

Mountain Skills Assessment is conducted over 2 days, and includes a written paper and practical assessment element in both day and night conditions. Your assessment will be in the following areas:

  • Mountain Hazards
  • Pacing & Timing
  • Movement on steep ground
  • Night Navigation
  • Taking & walking on bearings
  • Measuring distance

Mountain Leader Award

If you are interested in leading groups into the mountains, lowlands or hills in the UK & Ireland, this is the course for you. Even if it is to take your skills to the next level as you love being outdoors, you will find this course beneficial.


Mountain Leader Training starts where mountain Skills leave off. We take the foundation that you now have and work on that to take the basics to a higher more accurate level. The ML course is split into 3 elements, the first 2 we offer (Mountain Leader 1 & 2 Training), the 3rd and final element is the assessment.